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Welcome to! ( This is an alternative newssite for Norwegians who are being given half-truths or sometimes no truth at all from the mainstream media. The Norwegian press receives billions of Norwegian kroners in official government subsidies. WIthout this, most of them would not survive on their own. This means they have to follow the «party-line», and are all on the same page when it comes to what they write about and how they write it. This also means covering up who’s behind crime, and attacking those who want to achieve any sort of peace and justice in the Norwegian society. We have started this website so that people can get the truth about what is going on in our country.

11 year old girl severely beaten up by muslims at playland in Skien, Norway

In connection with the festival of Eid, a muslim congregation went to the playland "Eventyrfabrikken" in Skien, Norway. Eventyrfabrikken is an indoor playland for children, with climbing frames, bouncy castles, trampolines, slides and other activities. While there, a group of muslim children and youths beat up an 11 year old Norwegian girl so severely that she had to spend the night in hospital. After the incident, one of the muslim adults shoved a member of staff at the playland, when she brought the incident to their attention. The conditions are said to be so bad when muslims visit the playland that they have had to hire extra security guards during muslim festivals.

Dancer and TV-star convicted of nine rapes

In april of 2013 the prolific dancer Julio Kopseng was sentenced to four years in prison by the Oslo District Court for three rapes. He was prosecuted for the rape of nine women, but the police at the time chose to dismiss six of the cases. Now Kopseng must once again appear in court, charged with having raped nine additional women. Many of them go a long way back in time.

Basketball coach Emari Rashaad O’Garrow sentenced to 8 years in prison for five accounts of rape

The 36-year-old basketball coach Emari Rashaad O'Garrow was the Borgarting Court of Appeal in Oslo, Norway, sentenced to eight years imprisonment for five accounts of rape. This is almost a halving of the sentence he received from Oslo district court, that sentenced him to prison for 15 years for rape and assault against a total of 12 women. The basketball coach has coached the women's team Centrum Tigers in Oslo, and later Langhus Basket. Emari came to Norway from Los Angeles, USA in the early 2000s. Police received harsh criticism from the Court of Appeal as they had previously dismissed several complaints of rape against the man. Had the police charged the man earlier, many of the later cases would have been avoided. A total of 14 girls has reported rape and abuse committed by Emari, the youngest only 16 years old.