Saken har fått omtale i etablerte medier i Europa og skapt stor debatt i Frankrike. Så langt Frieord vet, har ingen norske statsstøttede medier valgt å skrive om saken.

Frieord har også sendt tweets om saken til alle lederne i Antirasistisk Senter, men har torsdag kveld ennå ikke fått noen reaksjoner tilbake.

Sky News


Tekst oversatt til Engelsk:

“I go into creches and kill white babies. Catch them quickly and hang their parents.”
“spread them apart to pass the time, to entertain black children of all ages young and old”
“whip them hard do it frankly how it smells death how it spurts blood hanging from trees in cosmic emptiness”
“let these filthy provide a fascinating show macabre scary
“aim when they move pale and funny”
“take away from them all humanity so that they become nothing but objects without souls
“from now on own them write their names on your wills”
“Yeah Yeah”
“So that we hand them down as time goes by”
“So that they belong to us in the depth of their subconscious”
Ohh man, Ohh Man, WhaWhaWha Whitiiiiies, Hang them Ohh Man, Ohh Man, WhawhaWha Whities”
“Hang them all Hang white people Hang them now Hang white people, Hang them now”